Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bored outa my Gourd!!!

OK...So, My Matt is gone up north to a LAN Party in Peoria for three days, My Baby Boy is at My Mom's for a couple days so I can work on horses, and my dogs are stuck to my ass like Velcro! Where ever I go, I cannot get away from them, they have even decided to follow me into the bathroom and wait for me to get out of the shower. I think they miss Daddy too.

I have not been away from Matt for... sheesh, like 2 years LOL. You must understand that we are perfectly compatible and soul mates in every way. We never argue or fight and we always have fun together. Everyone says we make them sick because we are so in love and we get along so great LOL. Of course, then they say "I wish I could find what you two have". We have been together for 3½ years, will be married 2 years in November....but feels like we have been together our whole lives. Not in a bad way, it is actually a wonderful feeling. We both know neither of us would ever do anything to hurt the other and we both have complete trust to one another. Matt even knows that if Bruce Willis knocked on the door, I might be standing in a pool of drool but I would never cheat on him...Matt I mean LOL.

So, since everyone is gone, I have been cleaning the house, which is nearly impossible with our two year old home, doing the laundry, and also working on the last of my commission pieces. I have also been working on my new sculptures. I will try to have a customized and painted piece available sometime near Christmas. I have got to get these commissions finished first so I am working hard on them.

Even with all the things I am trying to get done, I am mentally bored! I am so used to talking to Matt about everything, I just don't know what to do with myself LOL. I know he is busy playing so I won't call him and bother him. There were 9 guys all went together and got motel rooms for the two nights so I am sure they are having a blast! I think it is wonderful that they can all go be guys you know? I guess a lot of women would never let their guy go on a 3 day/night trip like that but I really don't understand why not either. I always get into arguements with women about this sort of thing. They cannot see how I trust him to go. I truly don't understand why you would want to be with someone you do not trust. This could be a really long subject so I will stop here :)

I have ordered some new clay to try out!
I have been using Super Sculpey Firm, and I do like it, but it is just not hard enough. I like the fact that you can bake it at different points of the sculpture so you do not ruin those parts and then continue working and bake again. Raw SSF does not like to stick to baked SSF...that part sucks! It is really hard to get it to blend together.
I have some Roma Plasteline clay and I LOVE it...but it has sulphur in it and smells pretty bad. I love the smooth texture and they way it stays where you put it, but the smell is awful. I ordered some new Non-Sulphur clay so we will see how it goes with that!

I had better go for now, I hope everyone is doing great!

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