Monday, October 13, 2008

Brand New from the Studio!

Hi Everyone!

I have 2 brand new resin Medallions/Christmas Ornaments for sale. One is a Warmblood with a braided mane, and the other is a Western Pleasure Horse. Castings are ready to ship. The medallions measure 3" inches tall x 2½" inches wide and are solid cast of ivory colored resin. They are also the perfect size for Christmas ornaments! I sculpted a simple little ornate hanger right on the top for a ribbon or ornament hanger, you could easily remove it if you would like to.
These have nice detail, I could not get it to show up in my pictures. If you purchase more than one of these, The first One of each style is $15.00each additional of the same style medallion is only $13.00...all PPD of course.

They are fully customizable, with the exception of leaving my name and © in tact/visible, all changes must be noted and credited to who did them, and no recasting of any part of my sculpture/resin.

Email me at: paintedponyranch @ msn . com

International shipping is $2.00 for one, and .50 for each additional. (I am paying some toward the shipping cost) This shipping method is by first class mail and insurance is not available with it unless you request registered mail and that is an added $10.00 plus insurance cost. I am not responsible to replace any damaged, lost, or missing items if insurance is not paid for.
Have a Wonderful Day!

You may email me if you would like one :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Clay Review...

So...I have been trying to find a nice clay to sculpt with (that I like) and this has been extremely frustrating :(

A couple of years ago I bought some Chevant Clay in Medium and Hard...OMG I Love this stuff...But, it is sulphur based and it smells horrible :( You just cannot get it off your hands and they smell like stinky sulphur for a few days....I did eventually figure out that if you wash really well with lemon scented comet, it takes the smell off pretty good. (I almost typed Lemon Flavored Comet LOLOL) Anyway...This clay sculpts so nice, it is so smooth, never stuck to my tools and it smooths out really well with alcohol or mineral spirits. I just cannot stand the smell so I bought something new...

My new resin "Jewel" was sculpted with Super Sculpey Firm. This stuff is really nice! Also, you do not have to worry about making waste castings, since the clay is baked. However, It is just not hard enough :( I do like the fact that you can sculpt parts and then bake it, then continue sculpting again and the baked parts will not get ruined. Keep in mind though, unbaked Sculpey does not stick well at all to baked Sculpey so it is very hard to get the two parts to blend together. Besides those two things, I loved it. So...

...Onto Chevant Le Beau Touche'...OMG. Nightmare.
This clay sticks to the armature and almost everything else really well...that is the good thing about it. BUT, it also sticks to all of your tools! The surface grabs and you just cannot smooth it out with tools at all unless you use a solvent. Then, it turns to rust colored pudding. I have no clue how anyone uses this stuff. I guess if you are using your fingers mainly and you don't have much carving off and smoothing to do with tools, you would be ok. I tried freezing my tools, heating them, and everything else I could think of...just not good :(

I have now ordered a sample pack of several Non-Sulphur Clays made by Chevant...hopefully they will be here really soon! I will test them all out and see which one I like best. If none of them are comparable to the sulphur based, as far as smoothness and workability, I will probably go back to Sculpey Firm. I will update when I get my samples :)

I hope this information helps someone!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Beautiful Jewel painted by Jaimie Baker!

Jaimie did such an awesome job on my little resin, "Jewel"... I just had to share! She has this copy up on ebay right now, the auction is Here.
Photos are courtesy of Jaimie :)
Love Ya Girl!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I am 36 now LOL

September 30th was my 36th Birthday :)
I really don't feel 36, I guess that is good! It also helps that my husband is 32 lol.
Matt got home Sunday night, and his vacation started Monday so he is home with me for the week! Yay! I sure did miss him! Tuesday, we took the little one to his G-Ma's house to stay a couple days...he always has fun there :) This also gave us some private time together for my B-Day. We didn't do much, just relaxed together and watched movies and went out to eat. It has been really nice though. Matt got me the most beautiful card, and so did our little one, I could not ever have more blessed with such a wonderful Husband and Son.
Thanks to all that emailed me a Happy Birthday note! That was so nice!
I hope everyone is well,