Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas was Wonderful :)

We had a great Christmas! Darrell was a blast to watch opening all his presents since he really knew how to tear into them this year. Matt and his friend, Kelly, had fun playing with Darrell's toys afterwards too LOL. Here is a pic of them all playing with the 6 foot racetrack in our living room. (2 Thirty two year old men playing with a racetrack was extremely entertaining LOL)

Then, Matt was digging in Darrell's toy box to find more cars...they were trying all of the Hotwheels to see which one was the fastest LOL.

Darrell had to also help daddy open his presents too LOL. He had opened about 20 or so of his own and he was not ready to stop! He kept asking for more presents to open LOL. He was just so sweet, and such a good boy..My God, he got so much loot this year from both Grandma's and Grandpa's, Aunts, Uncles and cousins...sheesh. I guess we need to go through his old toys now and give some away.

I got a beautiful Rifle and Scope from my Hubby and some good lovin too! LOL I am not posting any pictures of me right now...I need to lose at last half of my ass first! I will post my gun-porn later...Matt still has to get the mounting bracket for my scope. He tried to get it on ebay but ran out of time.

I hope everyone had a terrific Holiday full of Love and Happiness.
Hugs to you all :)