Friday, January 23, 2009

Valentine Special...

I absolutely love Valentines Day...I collect hearts and all the 'Love' decorations, photo frames etc that come out about now.....I am offering up 1 Decorator paint slot with a lovely theme. All choices as color or markings are mine. Your Model must be prepped before it comes to me. Total is to be paid in full before I start on your horse, and yes, you may make payments :) I will be able to start on this project in February or March. Right now I am working on getting everyone's horses all finished up and sent home! I only have a couple left to go now! Wooo hooo!

So, if you are interested in a Decorator with Love, Please email me and reserve your slot! I hardly ever do a fantasy colored model so this is a treat for us both! I look forward to hearing from you :) This slot is for Plastics or Resins, Stablemate size up to Classic Size only. (Will include Traditional Foals or Ponies since they are close in size)


paintedponyranch @ msn .com


Hana said...

Thank you for entering my photo challenge! It looks beautiful and I love the poem that you put w/ it! It's gonna be a tough choice so I'll be calling in some back up to select a winner! Be sure to check back!

Speiser Studio said...

Thank you Hana!!! I will check back...and I will also add your blog to my favs to read!