Friday, April 3, 2009

It's been a while...

I am sorry for not posting anything in a long time! I have been extremelybusy with many things. Trying to get commissions done and sent out, working on my last few now...Here is what I have to get finished up...a Traditional Scarlett, Bogey, SM Drafter, Akhal Teke(I cannot decide a color to save my life), Traditional Stomper(on hold due to a very bad prepper issue), Delilah, and I think I forgot something right now. I have to go look at my board...Anyway...

I am also working on a couple new is a SM Arabian, which has been INW for about 7 or 8 months now, A Miniature Horse Foal...has been ITW for a couple months, and a HUGE Surprise to come soon...Ya better save for this one...

Plus I have been dealing with banks since the beginning of February, trying to get our home loan straightened out...UUUUGH! This is driving me nuts. I have extremely little time to paint commissions since my Mom's 3rd Breast Cancer surgery March 4th. She used to be able to take Darrell home with her and Dad a couple days a week so I could work, but with the staged surgeries, she gets healed up and the next surgery is done so she has not been able to keep him for me. Matt's Mom takes him about 1 day every couple weeks, but I cannot hardly get anything done.
My Mom only has one more surgery and then she will be taking him again after she is healed.
We are going through the Potty Training thing, and I have no clue what I am doing LOL, I have never potty trained a little one before. I am glad Darrell is our only one! Plus, since we had Matt "Broken" we do not have to worry about any more little monsters! LOL.

OK, so that is what is going on with us here. I am just glad spring is here so I can start sculpting outside again soon.

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