Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Things To Come...

I wanted to let everyone know that I am on limited time for a bit here. So, If you have emailed me and I have not gotten back to you, I will be sending you a reply email tomorrow if I have not already done so.

I will possibly have one Breyer Custom up for sale before BreyerFest...So, if you might be interested in that, you may want to keep wtch for it. I am not telling what it is right now though LOL. I have not done a Custom Breyer in over a year and a half, I am thinking it is time for one. As most of you know, you are only allowed to show Breyers at Stones or Resins or anything else.... Last year, I made Tequilla Skye (a customized PS ISH) which went on to win Overall Champion in the Custom QH class at NAN. He was not able to show at BF because he was a Peter Stone model. This year I wanted to create something that could be shown at BF too.

I also have a couple small resins to come out this year and a Big Surprise too! Keep your eyes peeled!

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