Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hello All! has been almost a month since I have posted! I'm sorry about that. We have had some not so good things going on around here so I have been a total nut.

During the madness, I did manage to get Susan's pretty guy out to her(Finally), and she said she loves him. I am so thankful I can bring happiness to people in some way. Susan is one of those people that makes everything worth while. I have met some truly wonderful people through my artwork. Sometimes, it is those few people that keep me going.

I will post an update on my new guy soon, I have been fiddling with his back legs...I just cannot decide which way I like best yet LOL. He sure is going to be nice though! I am aiming for about a month or so for his release, as long as all goes well.

I will be taking one painting slot for later this year. It will be Artist Choice color only. Keep a watch for thta. I will be offering it up here soon :)
Have a great morning!

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