Thursday, August 20, 2009

Casting a Resin Medallion...

I don't remember posting this! I made this about a year ago.
It does have sound to explain what I am doing in each step also. (Our son was 2 at the time, he is in the background singing abc's and counting...and saying other stuff....) Anyway, if you have any questions, I would be happy to try to help answer them :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ducks, Birthday Cake, and Mini Ravenhill...

Well, I know it has been a while since I have done anything constructive. Yep. So I managed to finish up 3 of my last commission pieces this passed week!!! I could not believe it either... I feel a little weight lifted off the very top nerve of my head now, and I can continue to get the other few finished, cured and sent out to my clients.

In between all of last week, our son turned 3 years old (3YEARS!)OMG. He is completely obsessed with John Deere ...anything. It is to the point where I am thinking he will be one of three things when he grows up; a Farmer(with John Deere equipment of course), a Firefighter(he is also obsessed with Fire extinguishers), or a Construction worker(this kid can play in his big sandbox for hours...and I do mean Hours!)
He loved his birthday presents, which consisted of cars, trucks, CAT Dozers and Loaders, and of course John Deere Tractors and such. He did receive some more nice gifts too, but we could not pry these things from his being. My goodness, he gets cuter and smarter every day, i just cannot believe he is 3 years old now. Yeah, that means I will be 37 at the end of September too uuuugh! LOLOL...and Matt and I will be married for 3 years too. It seems like we have been together forever since our first little cells were developing, but we have only been together for about 5 years now. It is kind of scary to a lot of poeple how compatible and "Made for each other" we are. I absolutely love it really. I never have to guess, neither does he, and we always have fun, no matter what we are doing...and we share EVERYTHING, right down to the last bite of potato salad :) I love him so much. Mushy Mush I know...

As for our Ducks, they are like they early stage of velociraptors! They are hilarious! I mean, they even come and knock on the door when they are hungry! Scared the crap out of me and my friend Susan!
So, there we were... it was about 3:00 am and we were sitting in the studio, painting away...not saying much because we were concentrating and we hear...Knock Knock Knock!!! We both jumped out of our skin and she looked at me with the same stupid expression as I was looking at her, and she asked if there was someone out there. I said I didn't know and proceeded to go to the back door and check. When I looked out I did not see anyone, but I happened to look down, and there was Blondie, sitting there looking up at the window witha half cocked expression and she knocked again! I about peed my pants laughing so hard!
We have 6 ducks,a nd all of them have their own personality...very entertaining critters, you must get some!
Blondie is the one on the far left.

I also managed to finish a Mini Raven hill...who is at auction right now on Ebay :) 10% of my profit goes to Susan G. komen for the cure of Breast Cancer.
His starting bid is only 99 cents as usual :)
Here is his auctionSOLD
and a teaser photo :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Newest Piece Finished for Sharon :)

Sorry for such a long time between Blogging!!!
We have had a heck of a lot going on...still do...but now it should be a bit more calm...I hope Uuugh!
First of all I want to thank Sharon for being so patieint and wonderful. I have had this girl a long time, too long really :bow Thanks for not hunting me down an shooting me LOL.
Second, I want to also thank Stacey for sculpting such a beautiful horse for all of us artists to paint.

OK, On to the photos...Hope you all like her :)
Now I only have a few more commissions to finish up! yay!!! So, if you have one with me, please know it is being worked on and should be ready very soon :)