Monday, November 23, 2009

2 Slots

I have 2 Slots opening up, Book Now!
My finish work commission slots are extremely rare anymore, and I do not see any change in this in the future, so please visit my website Gallery for "Some" examples of my work. Although some pieces are newer, some are also older and I have really worked to improve my artwork. I really don't even like looking at my older pieces now LOL. Anyway, if there is a color in there that you like, just let me know :)
I can and will paint any color or pattern, and yes, the price is affected by what is chosen. On any Traditional size peice, nothing is below $650.00. That is the 'Start' price example only. This does not include the model or resin, prepping, or customizing. I do not prep anymore so you will need to have your piece prepped before sending to me. I use Heidie Reaves or Gina Hyatt.
I do take time payments on some pieces and I am sure we can work something out. please be sure to read and agree to my policies.
Thanks for reading!
Lora Speiser
paintedponyranch @ msn. com