Saturday, April 3, 2010

Almost Done!

Yay! Our house is almost done! I can't wait to get back home permanently!
All that is left is to do is to put the final coat on the ceiling and paint it, then to install my new beautiful carpet! I will then be working my butt off on horses! I want to at least have one piece available before BreyerFest, so the owner can show it there. This particular piece has been in progress for a long time, so I will be happy to release it for auction. There have been some really lovely customs lately too! A gorgeous Friesian by Tiffany Purdy, another gorgeous Friesian by Sue Kern, and that beautiful QH by Jen Read-Burton (Unicorn Farms). There are  a lot more out there too! Tara Louiselle is really coming along in her finish work and putting out some nice pieces, Karenetta Smith is progressing really well, and so many others! Also, if you need dog props or portraits of your best furry friend, Karla Zdroik is who to go to for awesome Dog sculptures, my goodness! I love to watch people getting better and better :)
I can't wait to see Gail Aspinwall's new one....Custom Araloosa resculpt by LerMond...oh my! I also want so badly to get a hold of Sarah Minkie's new Haffies!!! Talk about beautiful pieces! I would be overjoyed to paint a set for someone, if they do not have an artist picked out yet...hint, hint... :D I am going to try to buy a set, but the house fire has set us back so much, I am not sure if that is going to be possible.

Anyway, I will be writing more later :) Have a Great Easter!

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