Monday, April 5, 2010

Beautiful Batik!

I just spoke on the phone with the wonderful artist that painted the most amazing Batik piece I have ever seen!

I am so in love with this piece painted by Dikki Van Helsland: This is a FaceBook link to Horse Scents for Cents Rescue FB page photo HERE

I had searched all over to see if I could buy a print of this piece and I could not find any information, until I found some general text on Google with a phone number saying ask for Seis... When the other end answered, I asked for Seis... The lady didn't know anyone by that name. I told her who I was looking for and was her! LOL I just started giggling like a child and I know my face turned red :)

Dikki Van Helsland, is a lovely lady and wonderful to chat with! I did not expect for *her to answer the phone. She has an amazing talent and I can't wait to see more of her work! I will be ordering a print of this painting as soon as I can! It will be 12x12 inches printed area, and I will be framing it myself. I think I will be making my own frame and maybe sculpting some decoration on it :)

Highlight of my day! Now I will have a beautiful piece of her artwork to grace my new living room walls after all the repairs.

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